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7 Simple Ways We're Using Vanilla Almond Milk Every Day

We love almond milk - and, truth be told, we're partial to our own! Pressed's Vanilla Almond Milk has been a team fave from day one - and we're not alone: our guests have kept our non-dairy almond beverage a best-seller for years.

Pop open a Vanilla Almond and enjoy it straight, if that's your style, but did you know that you can sub in our non-dairy almond beverage almost any place you would normally use cow's milk? With a naturally rich, creamy texture and a hint of sweetness from dates, this plant-based goodness easily blends into just about anything. We love it in baked goods, our morning coffee and more. Read on for the full scoop...

7 Ways to Use Almond Milk EveryDay 

01. Clean & Simple Smoothies

Almond milk makes a great base for smoothies thanks to its natural creaminess and ability to blend well with a wide variety of other flavors. Whether your go-to smoothie is a berry blend, chocolate-based or green, half a bottle of Pressed Vanilla Almond, will help you blend that goodness to perfection.

02. Coffee Creamer, Hold the Cream

Trying to cut back on dairy? Your morning coffee is a great place to start. No need to purchase coffee creamer anymore - use our naturally sweet non-dairy almond beverage and thank us for simplifying your grocery run later. You'll also avoid the extra sugar and oils that are often added to conventional creamers. 

03. Iced Matcha Latte

Making a good matcha latte is an art! If the health benefits of green tea have you interested, start making your own at home with the matcha powder of your choice and Vanilla Almond Milk, poured over ice. Pro-tip: matcha is a fine powder that needs a good whisking before blending with other ingredients. Be sure your powder is blended to perfection before adding milk and ice.

04. Overnight Oats At Home

Many store-bought overnight oats are made with almond milk - including ours at Pressed - but if you’re making your own, soaking your oats in our non-dairy almond beverage gives them a just-right consistency. There's nothing better than waking up to a batch of 'overnight' oats you've made the day before. The whole family loves them and it's one of the most fuss-free breakfasts we've ever tried.

05. Better-for-You Baking Substitute

Have you ever baked with almond milk? It's one of our favorite dairy-free baking hacks and couldn't be simpler when you used a bottle of Pressed. Our Vanilla Almond Milk has a subtle sweetness that makes it the perfect substitute in most dessert recipes, including brownies, cake, cookies and more. 

Baking with nut milk can sometimes yield a more dense texture than traditional dairy products, but it varies recipe to recipe. Try our non-dairy almond beverage in a favorite cookie or cupcake recipe and see what you think. If you ask us, it’s beyond worth it to drop the dairy. If your palette is particularly sensitive, start by sourcing recipes that were built to be dairy-free for the best outcome.

06. Plant-based Popsicles (Yes, Really)

Keep things chill when the temps start to rise with a plant-based popsicle! Vanilla Almond Milk can be used to make delicious fudgsicles and almost any sweet smoothie recipe can be frozen in a pop mold for the ultimate set-it-and-forget-it treat. Simply blend your ingredients of choice (try almond milk with berries, mango chunks or chocolate!), blend, pour the mixture into a popsicle mold tray, and stash in your freezer until frozen solid. 

07. Breakfast Cereal, But Make it Nutritious

If you're going dairy-free, that morning bowl of cereal can present a big challenge. Try topping your favorite breakfast cereal with Vanilla Almond Milk or a satisfying swap that we've grown to love more than traditional milk. It helps to start with a healthy cereal too - be mindful of ingredients and choose wisely! Look for cereals with less than 10 grams of sugar per serving.