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Celebrate Black History Month

We’ve teamed up with three artists to help us celebrate Black History Month and support food accessibility across the country.

Celebrating diversity, championing community and making food accessible to all are three core values we strive to uphold as a company. That’s why we couldn’t be more excited to honor Black History Month with a special campaign that encompasses what is closest to our heart. This month, as we celebrate the achievements of Black Americans, we partnered with three female Black artists who enrich our community with their creativity each day.

Each artist was asked to design a limited-edition juice label showcasing the vibrancy of their experience and unique artistry. And since food scarcity is a cause we share, proceeds from the sale of the juices will be donated to support community fridge programs across the country and help promote food accessibility.

Our one-of-a-kind labels are also available as tote bags for the entire month of February. Be sure to snag a few for just $12 each with purchase!

You can shop our limited-time collection here or visit your local Pressed.

Meet The Artists

Jourdan Ash

A Harlem native and Morgan State University journalism grad, this twenty-something’s art extends beyond the canvas to the fashion world. In 2020, Ash launched True to Us, an online platform for Black and Brown women looking to be seen and heard in the streetwear and sneaker industry. The self-confessed “creator at heart” attended the Harlem School of the Arts as a child and credits the beloved Harlem community for being her greatest source of inspiration. “From a person's outfit and kicks to the artwork on the corners of my block, growing up in Harlem has allowed me to see a light in everything,” Ash shares.

When she’s not busy creating, Ash enjoys taking pilates and pole classes at her favorite uptown studios and spending time with friends and family.

Through True to Us, Ash continues to support her community through volunteering and curating events that benefit the local community. This includes actively working to support and fundraise for community fridges in her neighborhood.

Behind Ash’s Label: “Our label for Pressed features the True to Us logo, which was created by my graphic designer Shy Daughter. The logo features colors using the Pan-African flag which represents my culture.”

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Roma Osowo

This Dallas-Fort Worth-based abstract artist is known for her vibrant and joy-filled art. Inspired by her love of the bright colors of the Caribbean and the natural world, Osowo’s work is collected worldwide. Her love of art came at the young age of 11 when she boldly declared she would one day be an artist. Today, Osowo’s work is sold in retailers, including Home Goods, and was even featured in Traditional Home Magazine.

When she’s not thriving in the art world. Osowo enjoys spending time with her family. “We are super competitive and love having family game night,” she says.

Osowo continues to give back to causes near and dear to her and supports food accessibility locally by donating food items to local food banks on a monthly basis.

Behind Osowo’s Label: “The label represents an awakening, restoring what has been lost, an emergence of truth spoken in love, and the determination to be an extension of the love that overpowers hate.”

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Uma Leoni

This self-taught Long Beach, Californian artist likes to take her time when creating her pieces, which are known for bold line work, geometric elements and faces that are both abstract and familiar. “My art is inspired by anything and everything,” Leoni shares. “I could take colors from sunset and create a palette for my next piece. I could be listening to my favorite artist and feel moved to pick up my brush.” Never having received formal training, Leoni chose to pursue art based on her ongoing passion. “I once read a quote that said what you are meant to do in life should come easy to you and bring you peace. Art brings me peace like nothing else ever has.”

Leoni spends her downtime practicing yoga, watching movies, trying new restaurants, and exploring Southern California.

Leoni’s personal experience with food accessibility continues to drive her commitment to the cause. “As a low-income undergrad student, food accessibility was a major priority for me. I was lucky enough to have my rent covered by loans, but I often found myself scraping together leftover funds for my groceries and meals. I didn’t mind it at first, but after a few months, I was yearning for a fresh home-cooked meal,” she says.

“Since I’ve graduated, I’ve donated to local organizations started by my peers supporting food accessibility in their communities. And, whenever I can, I donate canned foods and personal items to food banks and kitchens. Fighting against food insecurity is the responsibility of all members of the community.”

Behind Leoni’s Label: “The idea for the label that I created for Pressed came to me almost instantly. I thought of a community sharing their food with one another and decided to tie that directly into my characters. Each woman represents a different fruit. Hands from the community surround them picking blueberries, cherries, grapes, and the women are offering their own fruit to one another. Food accessibility is not possible without the community working together as one.”

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