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My Daily Routine with Yogi Chelsea Harrison

Spend the morning with Chelsea Harrison of Chelsea Ann Yoga as she shares what fuels her mornings and keeps her motivated from the first sip of tea to the last sip of green juice! 

Can't start my day without:

A good cup of tea. 

My favorite Pressed product is... 

Citrus 2!!! Its a big time favorite in my household amongst my family, and definitely a personal favorite of mine. Pressed Juicery Elderberry shots are divine too.

My 3 healthiest habits are...

Yoga & meditation

Green juice

Going out for walks

My mantra lately:

Love, light, laughter and a respect for living.

When did you first start drinking green juice?

I have always loved a good green juice since I can remember. Green juices have been a part of my morning ritual for 10 or more years now. With two kiddos and a very busy life, Pressed juices really help me maintain this ritual - they are great for on-the-go.

Which Pressed products do you drink everyday and how do you make them a part of your daily routine?

Elderberry shot and a green juice!

Juice has been my steady morning ritual for quite sometime. Nourishing my vehicle by giving me a delicious dose of fruits and veggies along with my daily yoga and meditation practice. I find that the energy I derive from my juices are both refreshing and invigorating. It reinforces my general beliefs that consuming natural and nutritious ingredients enhances my overall health.

My 3 fave healthiest meals and snacks lately are...

My green juice


Salmon (cooked, raw, or smoked)

My favorite yoga pose:

Can I have two? 

Child’s pose, and it’s funny because this pose used to hurt the tops of my feet so bad, and I hated it! But, over time that went away and I truly came to crave the heart to Earth connection, the act of letting go and the peace that was found in the surrender.

Plow pose always feel amazing on my lower back, it’s a go to in my personal practice.

Usually wearing ___ all the time lately:

Yoga clothes...Alo Yoga or Synergy!

Are there any fun recipes or little hacks you like to do with the juice?

I have taken something called “green stuff”, from a local herbalist for years now. A scoop a day. Boy, oh boy it’s not the best tasting, so to make it taste better I mix it with a little bit of my green juice, and shoot it back.

What healthy new habit are you aiming to develop this year?

Writing an hour a day towards the book I am writing and have been trying to write for quite some time now— it’s time! Small habits over a period of time equal big results.