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We’re thrilled to know that you’re ready to include more juice into your life. While we’re all about incorporating in your daily life, whether it's for a “let’s grab a juice” date, an energy bridge to take you through meetings from 10am-3pm or just a celery juice every morning, sometimes we need a little more than that to help us get back on track.

Our full day cleanses and half-day juice fasts are designed to provide some structure so it’s easy for you to go step-by-step, but with the flexibility for you to change things up a little if you need to maybe hop, skip and jump along the way.

As always, we want to make high nutrition accessible for all. Through easy-to-follow guidance, price and of course, quality ingredients from farm-to-bottle, we’re bringing it to you.

Juice Cleanse Benefits

Reset your routine

Replenishing your body with just juices can help you take note of your patterns & help you reset.


Juicing may assist in eliminating toxins from your body.

Vitamins & Minerals

Nourish your body with health-supporting nutrients that help you feel your best.

Better Well-Being

Rich in antioxidants & 100% plant based, feel your best getting the nutrients you need.

Full Day Juice Cleanse

Hey you, I see you’re ready to commit to your full day cleanse! What does it entail? Well, it includes 6 juices per day with no additional meals to give your digestive system a break and just delivery vitamins and minerals to your body. When you first wake up, drink your first juice, and drink every subsequent juice every two hours after. Don’t forget to stay hydrated and drink water throughout the day.

Juice Cleanse 1

With an extra nut-blend, this cleanse has more protein & calories than our other cleanses to help power you through the day.

Consume in the following order:

  • Vanilla Almond
  • Greens 2
  • Roots 2
  • Citrus 2
  • Greens 3
  • Chocolate Almond

Juice Cleanse 2

A fast containing our most popular juices, balancing taste & efficacy.

Consume in the following order:

  • Greens 2
  • Citrus 2
  • Greens 3
  • Roots 3
  • Citrus 1
  • Vanilla Almond

Juice Cleanse 3

For the experienced, this cleanse includes the most amount of greens juices, and has the lowest number of natural sugars & calories out of our full-day cleanse programs.

Consume in the following order:

  • Greens 1
  • Citrus 1
  • Greens 2
  • Greens 1.5
  • Greens 3
  • Vanilla Almond

Juice Cleanse 4

This cleanse includes 4 juices and 2 smoothies for needed protein, fiber and fats around meal time.

Consume in the following order:

  • Celery Juice
  • Greens 1
  • Avocado Greens
  • Greens 1.5
  • Citrus 1
  • Chocolate Banana

Half Day Juice Fast

Not quite ready for a full day cleanse? Don’t sweat it! Ease into cleansing with a half-day of juices. Here’s how it works: You’ll drink 3 juices + 3 shots throughout the day from around breakfast to lunch time and enjoy one plant-based meal at the end of your day. Just like our Full Day Cleanse, drink your first juice and shot when you wake up, and another juice and shot every two hours after. Finally, end your fast with a nutritious plant-based meal with healthy fats & proteins. Don’t forget to stay hydrated and drink water throughout the day.

Detox Half Day Juice Fast

This gentle half-day fast includes 2 juices chock-full of nutrients plus an almond milk blend and 3 well-being shots for an added boost. Drink 1 juice and 1 shot 3 times throughout the day before breaking your fast with a plant-based dinner.

Consume in the following order:

  • Greens 3 + Energy Shot
  • Citrus 2 + Wellness Shot
  • Chocolate Almond + Vitality Shot

Renewal Half Day Juice Fast

This half-day fast eases you in with 3 of our lower sugar juices from each category of Greens, Roots and nut milks along with 3 well-being shots. Drink 1 juice and 1 shot 3 times throughout the day before breaking your fast with a plant-based dinner.

Consume in the following order:

  • Greens 1 + Reset Shot
  • Roots 1 + Wellness Shot
  • Vanilla Almond + Vitality Shot

Juice Cleanse FAQs

What should I do if I get hungry?

Eat something! We always think you should listen to your body. Try a warm plant-based broth or some almonds to help tide you over.

Do I need to drink water?

Yes! You need water in addition to your juices to stay hydrated. Try our chlorophyll or aloe vera waters for an extra boost to your cleanse or just stick to plain old water (h2o, the elixir of life :))

Can I drink coffee?

We recommend not including caffeine during your cleanse, but we understand that coffee might be a part of your everyday routine. If you’d like to keep coffee as a part of your routine while you’re cleansing - that’s ok!

What should I do to prepare for my juice cleanse?

Around 2 to 3 days before the beginning of your fast, try to cut down on caffeine, processed foods, added sugars & alcohol to help lead you into your fast.

What about during my cleanse?

  • Follow the two-hour rule! Start your day by consuming your first full juice, and another every two hours.
  • Add a Boost. Add our premium Aloe Vera & Chlorophyll shots to any cleanse. You can drop it into your water to add a boost to your hydration or take it as a shot during the day!
  • Light exercise. Feel free to enjoy light to moderate exercise, but above all, listen to your body!

Post Juice Cleanse?

You’ve done it! You should sense a huge feeling of accomplishment in this step to bettering yourself. Get back on the track that will help you continue to feel the benefits & maximize its effectiveness.

The more gently you reintroduce foods into your diet, the smoother the transition will be. You may even find that you’re craving just a leafy green salad or a plant-based meal with healthy fats.

Have additional questions that you don’t see here? Email us at!