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As We Grow, You Grow.

With retail locations across the county, a booming e-commerce platform and a growing wholesale division, there are multiple opportunities to join our retail, manufacturing or corporate teams. We love to promote from within, and with multifaceted departments, the opportunities to grow are limitless.

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The Power of Pressed Juicery®.

At Pressed Juicery®, we care about our health and the health of others. We work in an environment where we are actually making a difference in people's lives and helping them make healthier decisions.


100+ Retail Locations Across the Nation

We aim to create a world class retail organization filled with educators, motivators, and providers of nourishing, wholesome foods. We are the face of the brand - the inspiration and the method of bringing better-for-you food to all people. Our stores are not just stores, they are physical communities to teach, learn, and influence the decisions that we make as a company.

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Facilities based in the Central Valley, CA

We are a global leader and innovator. We continue to expand our capabilities at our two state-of-the-art production facilities, and by scaling our manufacturing, we can deliver even more affordable products with more nutrients at a faster pace. We have a diverse team of experts and continue to develop new processes and products that are impacting the entire industry. We lead by example and in the near future, we will serve as mentors and incubators, so that more brands like us have the necessary resources to succeed.

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Headquarters in Los Angeles

We are connectors and rule breakers, disrupting the entire food and beverage industry. It's our goal to make sure our customers can access our products wherever and whenever. In HQ we are always thinking outside the box. Pressed Juicery® is not for everyone. It's messy, it's complex and we move a million miles a minute, but watching everything come to life is what makes it all worth it.

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