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Shipping Policy

Nationwide Shipping

You have the option to choose the earliest delivery date or a different delivery date that works best for you during checkout.

Pressed Juicery® shipments are delivered Tuesday through Saturday. We do not ship on weekends or on federal holidays. We also don't ship outside the continental United States or to Alaska. Please note, your delivery date can’t be changed or expedited after you have placed your order.

All juices are shipped via UPS according to the following estimated schedule. Due to federal holidays and carrier delays, your order may be delayed a few days.

Make sure you’re going to be home at the time of delivery. Juices and shots should always stay in a refrigerated environment until you’re ready to enjoy!

Order Day Arrival Day
Sunday Tuesday or Wednesday
Monday Wednesday or Thursday
Tuesday Thursday or Friday
Wednesday Friday or Saturday
Thursday - Saturday Following Tuesday or Wednesday

Local Delivery

You have the option to choose ASAP or schedule a different date and time that works best for you during checkout. If you select ASAP, then local delivery orders are processed within the hour they are placed.

Please note, you will need to enter a valid phone number to receive updates and delivery information. You will receive a text from the driver once the order is in transit. In order to qualify for local delivery, you will need to live within an 8-10 mile radius of a retail store location.

How long are our juices good for?

We have two bottling facilities, located just minutes away from the majority of the the non-GMO farms where we source many of our greens, carrots, and citrus. This produce is usually bottled within days of harvest to preserve nutrients and ensure peak freshness. Due to our process we are able guarantee freshness of your juice order 2 full weeks from the day it arrives to your door. So go ahead and stock up we’ve got you covered!