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Vegan Ice Cream

Try Freeze, our deliciously creamy plant-forward soft serve.

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Vegan Ice Cream

Try Freeze, our deliciously creamy plant-forward soft serve.

A Step Above the Rest

Here's what makes Pressed Freeze soft serve a step above the rest.

A Plant-Forward Dessert

Our revolutionary plant-forward soft serve is made from real fruits, nuts, and vegetables— no stabilizers, no secrets. Just delicious, creamy vegan ice cream that you can feel good about eating.

Simple Ingredients for a Healthier Treat

Indulge in the wholesome goodness of Pressed Juicery's Freeze soft serve, knowing you're treating your body to simple ingredients and better-for-you option. Our mission goes beyond making a delicious treat - we're here to contribute positively to your health. Enjoy!

Deliciously Smooth & Creamy

Our soft serve is crafted to be light and airy, giving you a smooth and creamy experience each and every time. Plus, with our variety of delicious flavors, you'll never get bored of our vegan ice cream.

Our Vegan Ice Cream Flavors


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Vegan Ice Cream FAQs

What is vegan ice cream made of?

At Pressed Juicery, our delectable vegan ice cream is made with indulgent yet guilt-free ingredients such as almonds coconut, agave, tapioca, almonds, cacao, oat milk, acai, vanilla extract, or sea salt.

How is vegan ice cream made?

Our plant-forward soft serve is made from blending these ingredients into a specialized mixing tank. To achieve the perfect creamy texture and consistency, we employ a process of thermalization and homogenization. With each delightful scoop, you can experience the joy of guilt-free indulgence.

Where to buy our vegan ice cream

Pressed's Freeze is available at X stores nationwide. Find a location [insert link] near you.

How many calories are in vegan ice cream?

Here are the calories per serving for each of our plant-forward soft serve flavors: Ube Freeze [insert link to product], 190 Calories. Vanilla Freeze [insert link to product], 140 calories. Acai Freeze [insert link to product], 130 calories. Chocolate Freeze [insert link to product], 260 calories.

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