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A Peek Inside Veggiekins' Vegan Kitchen

Vegan foodie, Remy Park recently spoke with our wellness lifetyle site, The Chalkboard and shared a fun and inspiring look inside her  inspiring kitchen. We took note of the New Yorker's Pressed Juicery® faves including Vanilla Freeze and our best-selling Wellness and Vitality Shots! Enjoy this delicious exerpt from the interview below...

"REMY PARK IS a New York vegan, a certified yoga and meditation teacher, mindfulness coach and holistic nutritionist. But most people know her by the name ‘Veggiekins’ as her popular Instagram and YouTube channels are named.

"We asked Remy to join our In My Fridge series as she’s a major foodie and holistic nutritionist (not always the same thing!) and knew we’d discover a few cool tips and products while rifling through her kitchen...."

ALWAYS IN MY FRIDGE: "Fresh greens, avocado, tofu or tempeh, berries, mushrooms, chili peppers, Pressed Juicery® Wellness and Vitality Shots, some kind of plant based milk, fresh herbs, lemons and limes. If I’m being completely honest, the majority of my fridge is usually leftovers, and what’s in my fridge depends entirely on what kind of recipes I’m working on at a given time. That usually dictates 75% of my grocery list, and then my meals become whatever I’ve been cooking."

DAIRY OR NON-DAIRY FAVES: "Unpopular opinion, but I’m a big fan of soymilk. I grew up drinking it and it’s a nice high protein milk froths like a dream for lattes and drinks. I don’t eat vegan storebought ‘cheezes’ or butters very often. In the frozen department, I’m obsessed with Pressed Juicery® Vanilla Freeze, and dairy-free mochi ice cream bites."

FOOD PHILOSOPHY IN ONE SENTENCE: Whole food and plant-based with a healthy dose of fun food!

BEST LABEL-READING TIP: Remember that ingredients are listed in order of amount, so generally you can focus on the first few ingredients to get a sense of what the base of a product is.

FAVE VEGGIE + WHAT YOU MAKE WITH IT: Broccoli is an underrated vegetable in my opinion. I love it roasted, stir fried, turned into a cheezy soup, and even steamed. Lately I’ve been breading and air-frying it!

Want more of Remy's inspiring daily routines? Read the full interview on The Chalkboard...