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Rich, Creamy & Packed with Global Flavor

Take your taste buds on a trip around the world with three culturally inspired non-dairy nut milks.

Rich, creamy and oh-so-satisfying, non-dairy nut milks are definitely having a moment -- and for good reason. These plant-based blends are rich in nutrients for added wellness support and provide healthy fats and protein to keep hunger at bay. So what could be better than expanding our selection? Offering three delicious new non-dairy blends that are based on some of the most popular drinks from around the world! Infused with the flavors of Mexico, India and the Dominican Republic and made with only wholesome ingredients, our NEW global non-dairy nut milks deliver an international experience for the senses – no passport required!

Meet Our Internationally Inspired Non-Dairy Nut Milks

Perfect for in-between meals or as part of your evening routine, our non-dairy nut milks are thoughtfully crafted using nutrient-rich ingredients while still maintaining the integrity and flavors of these traditional recipes. Best of all, each milk is entirely plant-based, using coconut cream, cashews, almonds, walnuts, or rice as a base for a nourishing snack with international flair.

Horchata Azul with Coconut and Rice: Sure, you’ve tried this Mexican rice milk drink before, but have you ever had blue horchata? Our spin on the sweet and refreshing brings together the creaminess of coconut and delicate spice of cinnamon. Our nourishing blend includes rich coconut cream, long-grain white rice, vanilla extract, cinnamon, and dates along with a dash of spirulina extract for a beautifully dark blue hue. Sweetened with only dates, you won’t find any refined sugar here.

Morir Sonando with Coconut and Cashews: This Dominican drink literally means “to die dreaming,” which matches its dreamy, orange creamsicle-like flavor. Morir Sanando is traditionally made with milk and sugar, but our non-dairy blend includes orange, coconut cream, cashews, monk fruit, carrot, vanilla extract, lime, cinnamon, and sea salt for a hefty 90% of your daily vitamin C without added sugar.

Saffron Badam with Almonds and Walnuts: Our version of the celebratory Indian drink is satisfyingly creamy and warming thanks to a base of almonds and walnuts sweetened with a touch of agave. Curry, saffron and ground cardamom add an explosion of flavor and make for a sweetly spiced blend that can be enjoyed as a midday snack or warmed up as a calming bedtime beverage.

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