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Fuel Like an Athlete With Nia Dennis

We’ve teamed up with US gymnast Nia Dennis on a limited-edition bundle to help bring your routine in balance.

When we chose not to make a resolution this year but instead make small shifts towards improved wellness, we were delighted to discover that UCLA National Champion Gymnast, Nia Dennis has the same philosophy. Working with Pressed, Nia now enjoys vitamin-rich juices and functional shots throughout her busy day to stay nourished and energized—it’s just one of the small steps she’s taking to hit her nutrition goals and feel her best throughout the year.

And now she’s sharing her routine with our NEW limited-edition Nia Dennis Wellness Bundle. Featuring Nia’s favorite Pressed selections, our new bundle makes fueling up like a serious athlete easy and delicious.

Get an inside look at gymnast Nia Dennis’ wellness routine

Morning: “I like to start my day at the gym with a Greens 2, which has just the right balance of nutrients and sweetness. I pair it with a Vitality Shot for a quick dose of turmeric. You already know how good it tastes, but this pairing is full of vitamins and nutrients that I know will nourish me throughout my day”.

*(Psst: Our Greens 2 delivers 15% of your daily potassium)

Mid-morning: “Getting a quick workout in every day is so important to me. It helps clear my mind and body to continue conquering my day. So next, I’ll have a Citrus 2 juice, a refreshing blend of fruit and mint and a boost of probiotics in the Probiotic Shot. It’s all about small steps this year to put yourself first and live your happiest, healthiest life. “

*(Psst: Our Citrus 2 delivers 40% of your daily vitamin C)

Afternoon: “For the last juice I have the Strawberry Orange Mango Smoothie which packs a punch of vitamin C and the Recovery Shot which gives a boost midday. It’s all so delicious and keeps me nourished and hydrated for the day. “

*(Psst: Our Strawberry Orange Mango Smoothie delivers a whopping 610% of your daily vitamin C)

Evening: "I like to end the day with a plant-based meal, which is gentle on my digestion and packed with vitamins."

Shop the Nia Dennis Wellness Routine here. Or shop using the Pressed app for easy in-store pickup or local delivery. (Find out if delivery is available in your area here.)