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This Delicious Cocktail Recipe Is Love At First Sip

A Valentine’s Day cocktail to crush on...  

On the hunt for the perfect Valentine’s Day cocktail? Crafted with Pressed's premium cold-pressed juices and a "kiss” of tequila, this fruity infusion makes for the perfect love potion.

The sweet and tangy combo of strawberry lemonade and elderberry along with the delicate smokiness of mezcal make for a surprisingly balanced beverage that will surprise and delight taste buds.

Elevate your date night, enjoy a celebratory sip with friends or treat yourself to a relaxing night in with this deceptively easy drink you can make at home.

Here’s how to make both the cocktail and a mocktail version that is just as delicious.

The Berry Basil Beso

(serves 2)



First slice half of your lemon into wheels. Set aside the other half for the recipe below.

In a cocktail shaker, measure the Lemonade, tequila*, lemon juice, syrup and Shot.

Add 3-4 ice cubes and shake vigorously til ice cold and slightly foamy.

Pour the cocktail in equal portions in glasses of your choice and garnish with the lemon wheel and basil leaf.

*Tequila is optional, omit for a non-alcoholic mocktail


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