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Inside My Daily Routine: Danielle of Cacao For Coconuts

Danielle is the plant-based foodie and wellness influencer behind Cacao for Coconuts. We caught up with the celery juice-swilling self-care devotee to learn how she balances her everyday routine. Turns out it takes a little ginger, a good matcha latte and plenty of fresh air...

I start my day by...Waking up early and jumping right out of bed. The first thing I do is drink lots of water, take my vitamins and ice roll my face.

My morning routine includes… sipping on warm water + a wellness shot while I journal. I then get out for my daily walk within 30 minutes of waking up. Fresh air does the body good!

I like to drink greens 4 or celery juice while I make my breakfast! I find that this sets me up for better digestion and is a great way to get in my veggies first thing in the morning!

Breakfast is usually...A smoothie bowl loaded with lots of berries, crunchy toppings and nut butter or sweet and savory toast (I can never choose)!

When it comes to coffee or tea, I take mine…Plain and simple. I love a high-quality matcha latte with ½ oat and ½ almond milk.

To stay hydrated all day to have green juices and celery juice on hand. In the afternoon, I use them as hydrating afternoon pick-me-ups - juice gives me the energy I need without any caffeine.

I stay active by… going for long walks and trying out new workout studios - currently loving Platefit and Bunda here in L.A.!

Lunch is often…Some type of grain bowl with leafy greens, veggies and whatever else I have on hand with soup or avocado toast!

I create balanced meals that fill me up and fuel me through the day. I find that cravings typically come from restriction, so I give my body permission to have what it wants!

My healthiest habit: Consistent routines. To keep my daily juices in stock, I use the Pressed Juicery® app to place an order and it is on my doorstep in less than an hour.

To end my day well I… Wind down with a cup of tea (I love mint tea or licorice tea for digestion) and my skincare routine.

Danielle’s favorite Pressed Juicery® juices include celery juice and all of the green juices! She also incorporates a Wellness Shot daily for added support. Which are your favorites? Shop using the Pressed Juicery® app for easy in-store pickup or order ahead and select local delivery. (Find out if delivery is available in your area.)