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We're Reducing Our Environmental Impact One Bottle at a Time

Our shot bottles just got an eco-friendly makeover.

We're making big moves ... from New York and Los Angeles to Dallas and Seattle, we're finding ways to make everything we do better for you, us and the whole planet. It's a challenge, but we're up for it! Meet our new 2oz shot bottles, made of eco-friendly 100% recycled polyethylene terephthalate (or rPET) plastic. It's just one of the many steps we are taking in our ongoing pledge to stay plant forward and planet focused.

A Better Plastic

Not all plastic is created equal. While virgin plastic is produced using fossil fuels and its disposal can create toxic chemicals, rPET is different. As the name suggests, rPET is made from recycled plastic. Bottles made from rPET use less energy than bottles made from virgin plastic, reducing fossil fuel consumption, greenhouse gas emissions, water use, and hazardous waste.

A Weighty Issue

To date, by converting our 2oz shot bottles to rPET plastic (and converting our 15oz premium waters to 2oz rPET shot bottles), we’ve reduced our virgin plastic consumption by a whopping 15,500 lbs of plastic annually.

Let’s Clear Things Up

While rPET plastic may be cleaner for the environment, customers may notice that our new shot bottles have a slight cloudy tint. This coloration is a characteristic of the rPET recycling process and shouldn’t warrant concern.

What’s Up Next

As we continue on our journey toward minimizing our environmental impact, planet-focused packaging remains an ongoing goal. Using materials like rPET, which can be recycled again and again, is a step in the right direction. But upgrading our 2oz shots is just the first of many steps we are taking toward reducing our overall use of plastic, decreasing our carbon footprint and building a better future one bottle at a time.