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Pressed Juicery is Now ‘Pressed’ - Everything You Need To Know About Our New Look + How Our Mission Is Advancing

FOR MORE THAN a decade now, we have been dedicated to bringing the best cold-pressed juices and plant-based treats to our communities across the country. Hand in hand with juice-loving wellness devotees from New York to California, Texas to Massachusetts, we’ve never felt more enthusiastic about our mission to make wholesome nutrition as accessible as possible.

We believe real, plant-based food holds the power to not only nourish our bodies but inspire a lifelong wellness journey.

This summer, we are thrilled to reveal a new look and feel that reflects our evolving approach to plant-forward values. One thing is certain: our approach will remain accessible and uncomplicated.

Here’s everything you can expect from us, plus details on how to make the most of our new and improved VIP Program...

Pressed Juicery is Now ‘Pressed’

From our labels to our storefronts, we’ve got a new look! We're pretty excited to reveal our new, simplified name and logo -- a reflection of our uncomplicated approach to wellness and an evolution of the look and feel you've grown to love.

Expect a refreshed, modern aesthetic in all our new locations, and an update on our 90+ existing locations over the next year or so! 

We’ve Expanded Our Menu

Our plant-based menu has expanded! Our offerings now include more wellness shots, plant-based soft serve, smoothies and smoothie bowls. As always, each item on the menu is crafted using seasonal produce, and we avoid added sugars and preservatives. Exciting new offerings will be rolling out throughout the year - stay tuned.

We Want To Be Your Partner For Good!

A big part of our brand evolution involves a redoubling of our efforts to support your wellness journey. Here’s what that looks like:

We’re Reducing Plastic - We’re making big moves when it comes to reducing our virgin plastic usage. Our most recent changes have already saved 15,500 lbs of plastic in the past year! 

We Use Imperfect Produce - Reducing waste is a top value for us. More than half the produce used in our products is ‘imperfect produce’ that may otherwise go to waste.

We Are Deepening Our Community Roots - From the start, we've been giving back through local gardening and education programs we love. We're deepening that commitment in the communities that have supported us for the past ten years, and those new ones we are entering for the first time!

This year, we're supporting community gardens and local green spaces through more charitable donations and volunteer events. Throughout the year, we’ll be bringing community garden support to California, as well as other cities where we'll be opening more stores, including New York City, Boston and Dallas!

Our Membership Perks Just Got Even Better

We’ve launched an updated, simplified rewards program so Pressed Members get more with every purchase.

For committing to spend just $10 a month with Pressed, members enjoy VIP Pricing, earn points toward additional beverages and treats and gain access to exclusive members-only promotions. Save $1.50 on juices, $1.50 on Freeze and so on! Learn more about how we’ve updated and improved our VIP Program HERE

Our brand may be evolving, but our products that you know and love will remain exactly the same. We remain committed to providing our community with nutrient-dense, plant-based products that are as accessible as possible. 

We want to be your partner for good — good nutrition that fuels your best, most vibrant life.

Learn more about everything we’re up to HERE and come see us soon at a Pressed location near you!