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Same Nutrients, Better Bottle

We just reduced our virgin plastic consumption by more than 30%.

Remember when we converted our 2oz shot bottles to environmentally friendly 100% recycled polyethylene terephthalate (rPET) bottles last year? As promised, that was only the beginning. As part of our ongoing pledge to minimize environmental impact wherever possible, our efforts to reduce our use of virgin plastic now extend to our full-sized bottles.

Planet-first Design

pressed virgin plastic bottle and rPET bottle)

Specially designed with a new base and cap, our 12oz and 15.2oz bottles are now made of 25% rPET. You might notice that our bottles look a little different and feel lighter than before. Designing a lighter bottle made with a higher percentage of rPET reduced our overall use of virgin plastic. But rest assured, while our bottles have evolved slightly, our nutrient-rich juices are exactly the same and just as delicious.

rPET 101

What makes rPET different from other plastics? For starters, rPET is made from recycled plastic, which is plastic that is made from discarded food packaging, water bottles, milk cartons, and other reusable material that gets sorted, cleaned and repurposed into new packaging like bottles. As a result, rPET bottles are produced using less energy, less water and less fossil fuels than traditional virgin plastic. In addition to preserving non-renewable resources, items made from rPET help prevent virgin plastic from entering already overcrowded landfills.

Plastic By the Numbers

Our switch to rPET saves 300,00 lbs of virgin plastic (30%) annually.

A lighter bottle is all well and good, but what makes our transition to rPET particularly exciting is the amount of virgin plastic we’re able to save through our new earth-friendly design: over 300,000 lbs of virgin plastic annually to be exact. That’s more than a 30% reduction in our use of virgin plastic, and we hope to continue the trend downward as we move ahead.

Why use plastic at all?

The current process we use to craft our fresh and nutrient-dense products requires plastic, flexible packaging. You can read more about that process.

At Pressed, we’re dedicated to reducing our carbon footprint.. Creating a bottle that puts the planet first is just one of the ways we’re making small shifts that lead to big changes, and you can expect more in the coming months.

Learn more about our commitment to sustainability.