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4 New Power-Packed Wellness Shots to Revitalize Your Day

Small bottle, big benefits: Our new Revitalizing Shots are designed around every part of your day for convenient 24/7 wellness support.

Creating a successful wellness routine can feel like a daunting task, especially when you’re trying to survive your daily to-do list. More often than not, good nutrition takes a backseat when you’re on the go, leaving you feeling rundown and depleted.

At Pressed, we understand that daily wellness support needs to fit easily within your everyday lifestyle. Our new Revitalizing Shots were created to fuel your lifestyle and help you be your most vibrant self.

Our four new power-packed shots deliver a quick dose of concentrated benefits when you need them most. From an early morning reset, an energy jumpstart, post-workout recovery, and a calming evening relaxer, each shot includes ingredients specifically curated for their targeted functional benefits.

Best of all, we’ve incorporated our new Revitalizing Shots into shoppable bundles that take the guesswork out of creating a weekly wellness routine.

Our shots may be small, but boy are they mighty!

We mean it when we say that good things come in small packages. We’ve worked overtime to maximize the functional impact of each new shot and their compact size makes for a quick, convenient boost no matter where the day takes you.

Here’s a rundown of these 4 new menu additions...

Recovery Shot: Tough workouts call for added self-care. Treat sore bodies to a little TLC with antioxidant-rich turmeric, together with beetroot powder and tart cherry, a soothing mix which may calm inflammation.

Reset Shot: Want to clear the slate? This shot works to replenish your system from the inside out with ginger, pineapple and apple cider vinegar. Drinking a shot of apple cider vinegar before a meal may help blunt a blood sugar spike.

Relax Shot: At the end of a long day, you’re no doubt wanting to unwind. We recommend swapping that glass of wine for this soothing shot of chamomile powder, lavender, and decaffeinated green tea extract. Designed to impart a sense of calm, this shot is a great addition to your evening routine.

Energy Shot: If that morning latte is falling flat, kickstart your day with this invigorating blend of matcha and guarana. Each shot delivers 200mg of caffeine — that’s more than a morning cup of normal brewed coffee!

Meet our New Shot Bundles

No need to stress over when or how to incorporate these new wellness boosters into your daily routine. Our shot bundles will help to create a routine for you and are designed with your individual needs in mind. Which one fits your daily routine? 

6-Day Shot Bundle: Choose any of our Revitalizing Shots to enjoy as a bundle of 6 to incorporate it into your daily routine during your week. Try a Reset Shot throughout the week for a fresh start to your morning, use our Recovery Shot to deliver a little extra TLC after each daily workout or use this bundle to try all the new functional shot flavors! 

AM/PM Shot Bundle: This bundle is perfect for those who live by their morning and evening routines. Including 5 Energy Shots for each morning and 5 Relax Shots for each night, the AM/PM Shot Bundle is the simplest way to bring balance to your daily routine. Jump start each morning with a kick of delicious matcha and end the day with a sip of soothing chamomile and lavender.

Daily Boost Program: This bundle includes a total of twelve shots: 3 Reset Shots, 3 Energy Shots, 3 Vitality Shots, and 3 Relax Shots! This bundle works ‘round the clock to deliver our expertly formulated wellness supports with ease and in conjunction with a sensible diet.

Kickstart your day with a Reset Shot. Add all the goodness of turmeric with a Vitality Shot. Boost that daily afternoon fatigue with an Energy Shot and then wind down for the evening with our Relax Shot.

As your partner for good health, we’re here to help you live your most vibrant life in a way that is easy, convenient and makes you feel confident no matter where you are in your wellness journey! Wellness will never be one-size-fits all, and that’s why we’ve created solutions that work to support your unique personal wellness needs every step of the way.

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