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7 Small Shifts for Big Changes

Take a small step toward greater wellness in the new year.

Let’s face it. These last two years haven’t been easy. As we continue to bring our lives back in balance, we’ve decided to take a different approach to 2022. Instead of making big resolutions, which can feel overwhelming, we’ve discovered that making small shifts in our daily routine can have a major impact on our overall wellness and sense of well being. Want to join us on our #NoResolution2022 journey? Here are 7 small steps you can take toward a happier, healthier you.

1. But First, Celery Juice

Sluggish mornings were definitely a thing in 2020 and 2021. But waking up with a case of the “blahs” doesn’t have to rule 2022. Small step: Perk up in the AM! Add a celery juice to your morning routine, and enjoy 15 vitamins and minerals upon waking (including 20% of your daily potassium). Stock up on the good stuff here.

2. Enhance Your Hydration

We all know that staying hydrated throughout the day helps support ongoing wellness, but most of us struggle to chug enough H20 on a regular basis. Small step: Hit your water goals with Hydration Shots. Adding a boost of aloe vera and chlorophyll to your water might inspire you to hydrate more regularly while delivering replenishing benefits with every sip.

3. Refuel Post-workout

Finding the time and energy for daily exercise is an accomplishment on its own and one that should be celebrated with some added self care. After all, a post-workout routine is just as important as a pre-workout routine. Small step: Treat sore muscles to a little TLC with Pressed’s Workout Bundle. Packed with grab-and-go smoothies and Recovery Shots, you’ll enjoy added protein and a boost of turmeric post-workout.

4. Nourish Your Afternoon

Busy schedules can wreak havoc on your diet, but a mindful adjustment can help you squeeze more nutrients into your day. Small step: During a snack break, boost your system from the inside out with an enriching juice to ward off an afternoon slump. Pressed’s Midday Reboot includes two nourishing favorites to have on-hand.

5. Snack Better

If your approach to snacking often includes a half-eaten bag of chips lurking in the back of your pantry, we feel you. But refueling with nourishing food that tastes good can be an easy shift once you discover some better-for-you alternatives. Small step: Stop into a select Pressed location, and enjoy a smoothie bowl or treat yourself to a Freeze, a wholesomely delicious plant-based soft serve.

6. Add a Chill Sesh

Stress feels like an understatement these days, which is why finding time to decompress at the end of the day is an essential part of every wellness routine. But instead of reaching for sweets or vino, try a healthier approach to winding down. Small step: Swap that evening glass of wine for the wellness-boosting benefits of a Pressed Relax Shot, made with soothing chamomile powder, lavender and decaffeinated green tea extract.

7. Hit Reset

Cleanses and half-day fasts are designed to realign your wellness routine and help you feel more on track, but many choose to incorporate these programs sporadically (usually after over indulging). Small step: Take a proactive approach to cleansing and incorporate regular resets throughout the year instead. You can even schedule a recurring monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly cleanse with Pressed’s new Recurring Order tool at checkout.