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Daily Rituals with Sophie Jaffe

Superfoods with a Supermom in Honor of Mother's Day

We can all agree that moms are superhuman, and there's nothing like a wellness-centered lifestyle to fuel those superpowers! To celebrate Mother's Day this year, we sat down with LA-based yogi, wellness entrepreneur and mom of three, Sophie Jaffe, to learn how she works healthy habits into her daily routine.

What are your top healthy habits lately?

I’ve been prioritizing 5 minute check-ins with myself lately, paying closer attention to what I need to feel my best self each day. That might be turning off my phone and spending more time with my kiddos, making a smoothie, jumping into a little mid-afternoon yoga flow, walking in nature, or working on my superfood company. 

A full, restful night of sleep has also become a non-negotiable.

Favorite Pressed Juicery products?

Wellness shots on repeat! I also love Vanilla Almond as a little afternoon treat, any of the green juices, and obviously, PRESSED FREEZE!

When did you first start adding green juices to your diet?

While I don’t drink a green juice daily, I do love making them into green smoothies almost every day.

When I first moved to LA, I worked at a juice and smoothie bar and instantly became hooked. I couldn’t get enough of how good I was feeling having at least a juice or smoothie a day. My own company was born out of the idea of having all my favorite superfoods in one easy blend that I could carry with me everywhere.

How do you make the juices and smoothies part of your family's routine?

As a mama of three, I love having easy-to-grab juices and milks in the home that my kiddos can enjoy without sacrificing their health. I also LOVE adding all of the Pressed juices and milks to afternoon smoothies - we make huge batches at home for the whole family, loaded with organic fruits, veggies and juices as a good base!

Any fun recipes you like to make with Pressed juices?

I love making mocktails with the juices! You can easily take your favorite juice, add in some mint or citrus, blend, and pour over ice for a perfect afternoon sipper in the sunshine.

What are your go-to healthy meals?

  1. Big bowls of salad dressed up with either homemade or store-bought pesto sauce and a protein - taste so good! The greens and pesto are both loaded with nutrients for a very clean, satisfying meal.
  2. Superfood smoothies - they’re incredibly versatile and, as a mama, it’s such an easy way to get your kiddos excited about drinking their fruits and veggies. Lately, I’ve been loving an afternoon green smoothie with Pressed Vanilla Almond and my own Philosophie Green Dream.
  3. A brassica stir fry with tons of veggies, brown rice or quinoa, seaweed, kimchee, and some Korean lotus or whatever else I pick up at the farmer’s market to load up on top! Always an egg or some salmon for a protein hit, too. (Isn’t everything better eaten out of a huge bowl?)

What other healthy new habits are you working on this year?

More full days off of social media. Removing Instagram from my phone so I don’t sneak it in and can truly detox, reset and feel like a new person when I return.

Our thanks to Sophie - and Happy Mother's Day to supermoms everywhere!