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4 Delicious Ways to Squeeze More Vitamin C Into Your Day

Craving added wellness support? Incorporating this nutrient powerhouse to your routine is a breeze with these vitamin C essentials.

FUN FACT: Drawing on the benefits of vitamin C dates all the way back to 1747 when it was discovered that the wellness-boosting nutrient was effective in treating sailors with scurvy (an illness that’s literally caused by a severe lack of vitamin C). Though most of us probably aren’t hitting the high seas these days, adding this powerful, antioxidant-rich vitamin into our daily wellness routine is a definite must. From wellness and immune system support to collagen support and more, vitamin C has your back in more ways than one.

Fortunately, you don’t have to eat mountains of oranges each day to reap the benefits. There are plenty of accessible, delicious vitamin C-infused products for squeezing more of the good stuff into your routine -- including our brand new Triple Berry Smoothie!

How much vitamin C should I have in a day?

According to The Harvard School of Public Health, the Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA) of vitamin C for adults over the age of 19 is 75mg for women (85mg if they are pregnant or nursing) and 90mg for men. However, one’s daily intake of the vitamin shouldn’t exceed 2000mg per day or it may result in digestive upset.

How can I get more vitamin C into my daily routine?

Establishing a routine that includes plenty of vitamin C is essential for keeping wellness goals on track and Pressed offers a variety of delicious options to get the job done!

4 Delicious Ways to Squeeze More Vitamin C Into Your Day

We’ve rounded up our vitamin C all-stars below - which are your favorites? Everything here is shoppable - and shippable!

Triple Berry Smoothie

Vitamin C Stats: 30% of your daily vitamin C per bottle

Added Benefit: Only 90 calories

This berry beneficial, grab-and-go smoothie is a refreshing blend of banana, raspberries, blueberries, coconut water, lemon, monk fruit sweetener, and filtered water. Add it to your morning breakfast routine and start your day with some added C support.

Citrus 3

Vitamin C Stats: 100% of your daily vitamin C per bottle

Added Benefit: 10% of your daily potassium

Tangy and crisp, this cold-pressed combo of grapefruit, mint and aloe vera hits the spot when you’re craving extra hydration throughout the day. (Psst: It also makes a great cocktail addition).

Orange Turmeric

Vitamin C Stats: 120% of your daily vitamin C per bottle

Added Benefit: Includes premium sourced turmeric from Fiji

There’s nothing average about this OJ! Made with orange juice, apple, aloe vera, turmeric, lemon, and black pepper, this elevated take on the breakfast classic delivers added wellness support.

Strawberry Orange Mango

Vitamin C Stats: 610% of your daily vitamin C per bottle

Added Benefit: A family favorite

This fruit filled blend of apple, orange, strawberry, mango, peaches, lemon, and elderberry is a favorite amongst adults and kids alike and the perfect selection when you’re feeling like you need a megadose of wellness support.

Shop all four vitamin C favorites at Or shop using the Pressed app for easy in-store pickup or local delivery. (Find out if delivery is available in your area here.)