Rooted in Goodness

Our Farm-to-Bottle Partners

Exceptional products begin with premium ingredients. From each handful of kale to every orange, carrot, and apple that goes into our plant-forward menu, we meticulously source from suppliers who provide the very best of what nature has to offer. Learn more about some of our farming partners.

Talley Farms

This leafy green grower started farming in 1948 when Oliver Talley began growing vegetables in the Arroyo Grande Valley on California’s Central Coast. Our supplier for spinach, kale, and parsley, the fourth-generation, vertically integrated farm is committed to long-term sustainability and recently began an organic farming program.

Meridian Growers

Our almond supplier has been in business for over 20 years. This vertically integrated farm handles every aspect of the almond growing process, from tree to shipping. Meridian also shares our belief that almonds aren’t just great for snacking on their own but can be enjoyed in a variety of ways that support a plant-forward lifestyle.

Kern Ridge Growers

Kern Ridge Growers has been around for 40 years but is perhaps best known for what can only be described as truly outstanding carrots. Using both conventional and organic farming methods, the majority of their product is grown in California on a year-round basis.

Borton & Sons, Inc.

For over 100 years, this fourth-generation, vertically integrated apple orchard has led the way in sustainable farming and exceptional quality. This Washington State-based farm credits the region’s nutrient-rich volcanic soil, perfect arid climate, and pure mountain stream water supply for unmatched quality in tree-fruit production.

Bee Sweet Citrus

This family owned and operated farm has been growing deliciously sweet citrus fruit since 1987. As one of our suppliers for lemons, orange, and grapefruits, Bee Sweet Citrus grows, packs and ships their own citrus all on their own and shares our belief that nourishing from within is the key to good health.