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About Us

Power your wellness journey. Simple + intentional nutrition.

Our Journey

Like our products, our roots are simple. Our story begins with three friends, who loved to travel and explore the world, bonded over a shared belief that fundamental nutrition is the cornerstone of health and wellness. A vibrant, healthy lifestyle begins with real, nutrient-rich food.

These friends soon came to the realization that access to quality nutrition is often limited. How could others enjoy the benefits of wholesome ingredients in a world of overly processed foods? The answer was obvious. Pave the way for plant-forward living by making real, healthy food accessible to everyone. This would be our ongoing mission.

Pressed began in 2010. Our company started small — really small. Our first location was a 25 square-foot “juice closet” in Los Angeles. Soon we included a food truck in Malibu. But it wasn’t long before our vitamin-rich blends caught on and our mission gained momentum.

Today, Pressed continues to grow with stores throughout the US along with online and wholesale distribution. You may also notice that our name has evolved from “Pressed Juicery” to simply “Pressed.” That’s because we are also evolving. Now in addition to our signature cold-pressed juices, we offer an array of wholesome plant-based foods to keep you nourished throughout the day. It’s all part of our ongoing mission to make plant-forward living as convenient and delicious as possible.

Our first location | Brentwood, Los Angeles
Our Malibu California Juice Truck

Our Values

At Pressed, we’re always working to make a meaningful difference. Our purpose is to be your partner for good: Good nutrition that fuels your best, most vibrant life.

Everything we do is driven by four core values.

01 | Inspiring Growth

We believe that wellness is a journey, not a destination. Rather than focus on quick fixes, we encourage gradual yet meaningful changes to everyday routines in an effort to support a healthier, more vibrant lifestyle.

02 | Spreading Knowledge

Knowledge should empower and not intimidate. We're building a community where our guests can make informed decisions that best support their wellness journey.

03 | Working for You

We want to celebrate the differences that make us unique and champion the heroes among us. In doing so, we work to call attention to the people, causes, and organizations that are our partners for good.

04 | Clear to All

From our wholesome ingredients to our sustainability efforts, we have nothing to hide. We embrace transparency and are committed to providing insight into our actions.

Our Product Philosophy 

Real, plant-based food holds the power to not only nourish our bodies but inspire a lifelong wellness journey. At Pressed, we think everyone deserves to enjoy the best of what nature has to offer, which is why we’re dedicated to making wholesome nutrition as accessible as possible.

We believe in premium ingredients.

Each item on our menu is crafted using seasonal produce. We avoid added sugars and preservatives. Instead, we strive to make every ingredient as beneficial as possible — like pressing our turmeric rather than using powders and fortifying our Wellness Shot with 70% ginger.

We believe in accessibility.

If quality nutrition isn’t convenient, you’re unlikely to make it part of your routine. Our mission is to make healthy food accessible. If you’re not near a Pressed store, most of our products are available online and ship nationally. And since price is always on our mind, our Pressed Membership and preferred VIP Pricing ensure that everyone can enjoy our products at a low cost.

We believe in flavor.

It may seem obvious, but we think healthy food should taste good. For us, flavor is just as important as nutrition benefits. Each Pressed recipe is designed with taste in mind. We don’t just want to boost your wellness, we want to wow your taste buds too!

We believe in sourcing expertly.

We craft nutrient-rich beverages made with only plant-based, mindfully sourced ingredients, and we're proud to partner with some of California's Central Valley farmers and suppliers. Learn More on Our Sourcing.

Our Stores

Our modern, streamlined stores are equipped with a knowledgeable staff that can help you on your wellness journey. Enjoy personalized advice and get recommendations for building a daily routine that works for you. Visit a store today!

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